BALDESSARINI: Strictly Private
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ba_private_450x246The Gliteratti’s Strictly Private Guide to Luxury Travel

Luxury comes in many forms, but no one understands the true essence of luxury better than Baldessarini. This fact is abundantly clear from the brand’s outrageously luxurious new men’s fragrance, Strictly Private; a distinctly masculine and scent inspired by the audaciously exclusive world of the Glitterati playboy and his insatiable appetite for truly refined luxury.

Like all Baldessarini fragrances, Strictly Private is truly a scent to separate the men from the boys. Created with life’s connoisseur in mind, it perfectly captures the discriminating tastes of the brand’s luxury-loving Glitterati audience. Be it his exquisitely cut bespoke suit, his favourite drink – expertly mixed – or his show-stopping top of the range sports car; the Baldessarini man knows the true meaning of luxury and demands the best of everything.


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