Escada Cherry In The Air
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Anticipate the joyful days of summer with new ESCADA Cherry in the Air


Cherry in the Air is the enchanting new, limited-edition Spring/Summer fragrance from ESCADA – an irresistible scent inspired by the unmistakable, fresh and sweet scent of blossoming cherries. As the first fruit of summer, a glimpse of cherries ripening in the trees instantly awakens the delightful anticipation of long, warm, carefree days ahead. So colourful and delicious, their enticing aroma stimulates the senses, conjuring youthful daydreams of cycling with friends through the orchards of southern France and feasting on a fruit-laden picnic basket under a canopy of bountiful cherry trees. Launching globally from January 2013, ESCADA Cherry in the Air features a captivating blend of succulent red fruits and addictive gourmand notes that ignite your zest for life and trigger the same joyful contemplation of fun-filled summers as flourishing cherries.


Cherry in the Air – The Fragrance

ESCADA’s annual Spring/Summer limited edition is hotly-anticipated by joyful and modern women everywhere and Cherry in the Air is set to become yet another collectable. Fruit is on-trend for Spring/Summer 2013 as many designers incorporate vibrant fruit and flower prints into their collections as a playful celebration of summer. ESCADA is renowned for its fruity summer fashion fragrances, and cherry being such an evocative symbol of summer joy, it makes the perfect inspiration for next year’s limited edition.

The fragrance is a light and airy reinvention of cherry that captures the irresistible quality of the fruit while simultaneously reflecting the carefree ‘joie de vivre’ that is synonymous with ESCADA. Such delightfulness is achieved through an unexpected combination of juicy red fruits and an addictive marshmallow accord – the perfect blend of youthfulness and gourmand pleasure, made for sharing.

Top Notes

The scent opens with enticing top notes of black cherry and juicy raspberry, brimming with summer ripeness, while a hint of underlying mandarin lends an energising burst of citrusy freshness.

Heart Notes

In the heart, the lightness of gardenia petals is enriched with the gourmand creaminess of coconut orchid and warm vanilla. Blending with the tempting marshmallow note, which is built around a flavour molecule, this playful accord gives the fragrance its unique character.

Base Notes

In the dry-down, comforting sandalwood, oak and musks blend with a creamy white suede accord that reinforces the alluring nature of the scent.


Cherry in the Air – The Packaging Story

The Flacon

ESCADA Cherry in the Air features the iconic bottle shape that is the hallmark of the highly coveted ESCADA Spring/Summer fragrance; its vibrant colour degrade representing the perfect mix of ESCADA’s signature pink and the redness of ripe cherries, which is enhanced with hint of luxury with the satin bow detail in a way which is typically ESCADA. The design has been further enhanced by the addition of a cute cherry print on the bottle, plus a cherry ring charm – placed on the cap – that can be worn as jewellery.

The design of the ring charm is perfectly on trend for Spring/Summer 2013. Cherries are synonymous with the onset of summer in nature and in fashion too they have become increasingly prevalent as an antidote to the darkness of winter. Brightly-coloured, fruity jewellery helps injects a sense of fun back into accessories to create a look is happy, charming and fun, setting the perfect relaxed and joyful summertime mood.

The Outer Pack

It is not just the distinctive flacons that have contributed to the appeal of ESCADA’s Spring/Summer fragrances as cult collectibles, but also the cool, contemporary outer carton designs. New ESCADA Cherry in the Air marks an exciting evolution of this winning formula, featuring an exclusive design by acclaimed illustrator, Margot Mace. Admired by fashionistas and savvy art directors from Tokyo to Paris, her authentic creative approach made her a natural fit with ESCADA.

“In my work I feel free to do all that is possible. I don’t like to work as a computer program and I do my illustrations all by hand. I want to feel the texture and smell of the paper and the sound my pencil makes on it as I create lines with spontaneous movements.” Margot Mace, Illustrator

Drawn in the artist’s signature Parisian-chic style, the illustration depicts a pretty young woman riding a bicycle through a cherry orchard, her blonde hair and floaty pink dress blowing in the wind as cherries fall from the trees in abundance, filling the basket fixed to her handlebars . She wears pink roses in her hair, a garland of wild flowers around her neck and an expression of pure joy on her face, perfectly capturing the youthful exuberance of the fragrance. Mace was able to draw inspiration from her own happy memories to create this engaging scene.

“I used to cycle every day during my studies and I felt so happy and free. My friends and I had much fun cycling through on a sunny day in the middle of the fields, wearing skirts, collecting flowers and enjoying the sensation of our long hair waving in the wind.”

Fully capitalising on this eye-catching design, the brand has chosen to use the on-pack illustration across in-store and print advertising, making an impactful style statement for ESCADA Cherry in the Air that ensures the campaign is as unforgettable as the scent.


Cherry in the Air – The Line Up  

Eau de Toilette 100ml                   

Eau de Toilette 50ml                     

Eau de Toilette 30ml                     

Body Lotion 150ml


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