Especially Escada Elixir
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ESPECIALLY ESCADA Elixir is the new, intense Eau de Parfum from the House of ESCADA. A powerful  interpretation of the original  rose-based fragrance, it is an exciting new addition to the ESPECIALLY ESCADA collection, building on the  classic  Eau de Parfum  and the  playful  lightheartedness of  Delicate notes  Eau de Toilette. An intense scent which embodies  happiness  and  sophistication,  Elixir  is  inspired  by  the ESCADA  woman  who  is  boldly  elegant,  radiating  confident  femininity and joie de vivre, lighting up the room with her smile and energy.

ESPECIALLY ESCADA Elixir… The Fragrance

New  ESPECIALLY  ESCADA  Elixir  is  built  around  a  rose  heart,  but  is  differentiated  from  other fragrances  in  the  range  through  its  wondrous  intensity.  Building  on  the  floral  freshness  of ESPECIALLY  ESCADA,  this  intensity  is  borne  out  of  the  scent’s  unique  blend  of  precious ingredients sourced from around the globe. For  this  new  addition  to  the  ESPECIALLY  ESCADA  family, Eastern roses from Turkey add an element of mystery to Elixir. Rich natural rose extract is caressed with Oriental facets to add depth,  colour  and  density,  subtly  transforming  the  light freshness  of  the  pink  rose  of  ESPECIALLY  ESCADA  and Delicate  notes  eau  de  toilette,  into  a  scent  with  intensity  and sensuality like a deep pink, purplish rose. Precious  Ecuadorian  Ambrette  seeds  provide  a  natural  chic note  to  give  freshness  and  depth,  pushing  the  rose  accord, while a note of musk provides a sense of added luxury, making it an ideal evening fragrance.

Oriental notes such as a luxurious natural vanilla extract  from Madagascar  lie at the bottom of the fragrance  to add depth. Subtle fruity  facets  of plum and prune add a touch of gourmand richness, amberry notes and a special, concentrated extract of Patchouli Heart remove the earthiness that is sometimes present in Patchouli.

The unique  fusion  of  ingredients  creates  a  fragrance  that  is  elegantly  joyful,  while  sensual  and magical – with an intensity that lasts longer.


The presentation of ESPECIALLY ESCADA Elixir is luxurious and striking featuring a robust, square glass flacon containing a dark pink fragrance juice. The iconic double EE logo, originally designed by ESCADA founder, Margaretha Ley, appears on the flacon  lid  and is also embossed in glass on the underside of the flacon. The lid  features  an especially  opulent luster thanks to real gold in its finish  making it an elegant addition to the  fragrance collection. Like the scent, the flacon design is the perfect balance between modernity and classicism  -  a  true  design item. The outer packaging takes inspiration from the design concept of ESCADA’s new flagship stores, which feature golden metal  highlight  walls  contrasting  with  light  modern  grey  glass,  reflecting  the  contemporary elegance, cool glamour and alluring femininity of the brand’s redefined fashion direction.

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