Gucci Guilty
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Young, audacious, discerning, the wearer of Gucci Guilty is a heroine for our age: a 21st Century beauty who holds all in her thrall.


The fragrance

Gucci Guilty is a warm yet striking oriental floral with hedonism at its heart.  


The middle notes are an alluring concoction of heady lilac and geranium, laced with the succulent tactility of peach – all velvet femininity with a beguiling hint of provocation.  


The patchouli that is the hallmark of Gucci fragrances here conveys a message of strength, while the voluptuousness of amber suggests deep femininity.  



The design

The packaging of Gucci Guilty is set to become a design classic. A sleek fusion of muted gold metal and glass.


The line up


Eau de Toilette           30 ml             

Eau de Toilette           50 ml             

Eau de Toilette           75 ml             

Tusfürdő                     200 ml

Testápoló                    200 ml

Deo spray                   100 ml






Gucci by Gucci SPORT pour Homme is the latest addition to Gucci’s growing fragrance portfolio for men. Conceived

by Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini, this scent takes its inspiration from the original Gucci by Gucci pour

Homme (launched in 2008) yet offers a totally new and powerful olfactory experience for men.

While grounded in the same modern, masculine appeal as its predecessor, Gucci by Gucci SPORT pour Homme

introduces a more casual sensibility and a broader allure. The scent has a nonchalance and an ease that captures

the healthy, active aspects of the Gucci man’s lifestyle. Its sporty character is underscored by the fragrance’s

light body and its citrus tones. The mood of this fragrance - cool, fresh, yet strong -- evokes a certain playfulness

and leisurely state of mind. It is as relevant in “free time” moments as it is for casual every day use.

Gucci by Gucci SPORT pour Homme a legújabb kiadása a növekvő Gucci illat portfoliójának. Az illat megalkotója Gucci kreatív igazgatója Frida Giannini

Gucci by Gucci SPORT pour Homme can be worn with ease, yet this makes it no less captivating. Indeed,

the scent is specifically intended to allow for a less obvious form of seduction. It is alluring but unforced. It is at

once sophisticated yet playful. These dualities, reflect the historical Gucci personality that Giannini also captures in

her men’s ready to wear collections and gives the fragrance its unique identity.


A powerful element of this fragrance, like its predecessor, is its strong connection to Gucci’s heritage. Like all

of Giannini’s most iconic creations, Gucci by Gucci SPORT pour Homme strikes a perfect balance between modern

design and rich history, resulting in a newness that is still resoundingly Gucci.

The packaging, for example, is characterized by the bold red and green web striping that has been a Gucci design

signature since the 1950s. Originally inspired by a girth strap used to secure a saddle onto a horse, the web has

been used on a variety of iconic Gucci products from loafers and handbags to tennis shoes and sportswear. Now,

the original red and green stripes are being applied to a fragrance, which give it a bold graphic quality and

an immediate visual association with the House. Not only do these fresh stripes evoke an unstudied, sportif cool

against the pure white box packaging, but they also offer a chic reference to Gucci’s nearly ninety- year history.

Also prevalent in Gucci’s rich history is the horsebit, another iconic symbol inspired by the equestrian world.

The distinctive horsebit has been used on the design of the fragrance’s silver metal cap, which gives it a masculine

touch and another link to Gucci’s past.

The bottle’s shape, sleek and modern in weighty clear glass, is also distinguished with the scripted signature of

Guccio Gucci, who founded the House of Gucci in 1921. All major design components of the bottle and packaging

are consistent with Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme, however the lighter colors in which they are delineated - bright

white, matte silver metal, clear glass -- underscore the at-ease nature of the fragrance itself.


Inspired by the free spirit and power of the ocean, the scent of Gucci by Gucci SPORT pour Homme evokes

the freedom of the outdoors and the desire for play. It is both fresh and refreshing, yet the unique construction

of this fragrance ensures that it is also well-rounded and complex.

The scent’s resolute freshness is created by a blend of citrus and aromatic notes. Specifically, the juicy tartness

of grapefruit is played off the aromatic, camphor quality of cardamom. Sun-drenched Corsican Fig nectar adds

an interesting contrast of green fruitiness to the mix. Depth is achieved with the addition of rich and woody

Patchouli, a signature Gucci ingredient.

Apart from its distinctive construction, Gucci by Gucci SPORT pour Homme stands out with its unusually long-lasting

effect. Unlike most sport fragrances, which are characterized by a quick burst and fade of scent, Gucci by Gucci

SPORT pour Homme features a special technology that allows the scent to linger on the body for an extended

period of time.


The launch of the new fragrance will be supported by a global print advertising campaign featuring actor James

Franco, who debuted as the face of Gucci by Gucci per Homme in 2008. The campaign was photographed by

Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin in Cannes, France guided by Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini.

The resulting images show the other side of the Gucci man evoking a cool masculinity and a sense of freedom

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