Naomi Campbell at Night
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Naomi is the ultimate symbol of femininity, sensuality and seduction. The NC At Night fragrance brings these three dimensions alive by emphasising the ritual of getting ready for a night out – which makes women feel feminine, confident and seductive.  




The feminine and elegant bottle design was inspired by Naomi’s first ever fragrance. The purple juice and the iridescent black cap represent the mysterious and captivating fragrance that underlines each woman’s irresistible femininity in the night. 

Here the corset element reflects the sexy and seductive side that is true to Naomi. The colour contrast

of the modern purple corset on a minimal & classy black background represents the sophisticated and mysterious nature of Naomi. The “At Night” name written in beautiful cursive letters gives the packaging a classy and timeless touch.





Bringing a dazzling touch of bergamot that is delightfully fresh and radiant, mixed with green leaves for their charmingly crunchy bota nical bouquets, mingled with exquisite Mirabelle plum to create a mouth-watering appeal, which makes you feel feminine and seductive.   

The charismatic scent evolves into a floral heart of seductive heliotrope, enriched by hypnotic Jasmine bouquets and is enclosed by a feminine rosy character of geranium… feel confident like a super model on the catwalk.

The irresistible combination of creamy sandalwood with a hint of smooth tonka bean creates a sensual and mysterious base note. Sweetening this blazing mix are the delightful vanilla tones that wrap your skin like a beautiful corset and intrigues in a mysterious and sensual way.
















Eau de Toilette 15 ml

Eau de Toilette 30 ml

Eau de Toilette 50 ml

Body Lotion 150 ml

Deo Natural Spray 75 ml

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