Naomi Campbell Bohemian Garden
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“Naomi Campbell Bohemian Garden”– a floral-fruity fragrance for a carefree Bohemian attitude  


It’s no coincidence that Naomi Campbell is called the queen of the catwalk: she is stunningly beautiful, ultra-feminine, self-confident and internationally successful. She is one of the five Supermodels and still one of the most in-demand models in the world today. She has graced the cover of over 500 of the world’s most renowned magazines showing her elegance, beauty and style. She has walked the most famous runways of the fashion scene for the largest luxury fashion labels. Naomi Campbell is simply the number one international fashion icon! With her new fragrance “Naomi Campbell Bohemian Garden”, all confident, fashion-conscious women can become a part of Naomi’s fashion world and experience one of her favourite trends: the Bohemian Style.  Inspired by the carefree lifestyle of the French Boh?me, this trendy style is epitomised by floral prints and opulent, playful patterns. This casual extravagance is captured perfectly by Naomi Campbell Bohemian Garden – a floral, fruity fragrance for a carefree, original spirit. Feminine and romantic, extravagant and self-confident.      

Naomi Campbell Bohemian Garden – The Fragrance  

The new fragrance by Naomi Campbell invites the wearer into a Bohemian Garden full of blossoms, vivid colours and carefree joie de vivre.

The fragrance begins with a fruity freshness in the top note with zesty lemon,juicy pear and delicate peach blossom.

The heart of the fragrance follows in a joyful, colourful note: sunny jasmine blossom, enchanting lily of the valley, radiant orange blossom powdery soft cotton blossom and elegant roses soothe the soul. 

A base of fascinating musk with a touch of green moss, comforting vanilla and a creamy combination of sandal and cedar woods give the fragrance a relaxing touch of perfection.  

Naomi Campbell Bohemian Garden - Flacon and Packaging  

Bright, vibrant colours of pink, green, deep violet and sun flower yellow combine forces with a bold, floral design – the new fragrance is packaged in a casual Bohemian style that attracts everyone’s attention. The delicate rosé-coloured fragrance in the Signature glass flacon with its bright pink cap is both extravagant and romantic – and as fascinatingly beautiful as Naomi herself.  


Naomi Campbell Bohemian Garden – The Range    

Eau de Toilette       50ml     30ml     15ml   
Déodorant Natural Spray 75 ml     

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