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Naomi Campbell Private
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“Private”  –  the  new  fragrance  for  a  private  moment  with Naomi Campbell


She is the quintessential superstar.  Hypnotically beautiful,  globally successful,  ultrafeminine and self-assured. Naomi Campbell - an icon and a megastar in the world of fashion and  one of the world’s five supermodels. Photographed by  top photographers around  the  globe:  Herb  Ritts,  Mario  Testino,  Peter  Lindbergh  and  Helmut  Newton, she has adorned more than 500  covers of the world’s most renowned magazines.  Her  name  is  synonymous  with  a  flurry  of  camera  flashlights,  luxury  at  its  finest,  an international  jet-set  lifestyle  and  millions  of  fans  worldwide.  On  Facebook  and Instagram combined, the queen of the catwalk has more than three million followers. They make it their mission to be as close to her as possible day after day. But surely  there  also has to  be a private side to  Naomi Campbell’s  life?  Now  for  the first time ever the model and actress is granting us a glimpse into her own very personal world with her new fragrance “Private“.  A fragrance that takes the wearer into the private realms of the superstar:  Refined and feminine;  mysterious and fascinating; authentic  and naturally beautiful – a sensuous floral fragrance by Naomi Campbell!

Naomi Campbell Private – The Fragrance

The new fragrance by Naomi Campbell is like a discovery reminiscent of the start of her legendary model career. At the age of 15 she is discovered by a model scout in London’s  Covent  Garden  –  a  private  moment  that  marks  the  start  of  a  legendary career. The fragrance composition has a delicately fruity overtone with a fresh thrill of tangerine,  sweet  nashi  pear  and  soft-velvety  vine  peaches.  At  the  heart  of  the fragrance,  intoxicating  bouquets  of  roses  encounter  southern  suns
hine  withenchanting orange blossoms  that allow  the composition to  radiate  freshness.  Floral pepper and fresh freesias lend the fragrance  a  touch  of innocence.  The rich base notes reveal  a fruity-floral crescendo  merging with  the  warm  vanilla of  exotic tonka bean and alluring musk chords, transporting you to an unforgettable private moment.

Naomi Campbell Private – Flacon and packaging

Much  like  the  unique  fragrance  composition,  the  flacon  and  outer  box  reflect  the private  side  of  Naomi  Campbell’s  life.  The  monochrome  portrait  of  the  packaging allows the fragrance wearer to experience a very private moment of the supermodel. Luxurious and as if handwritten by Naomi herself, the packaging displays the elegant lettering “Private”. The fragrance flacon shimmers in a rose-coloured mother-of-pearl and  is  authentically  beautiful  like  Naomi  herself:  elegant,  slim  and  beguilingly feminine.


Naomi Campbell Private – The Range

Eau de Toilette 15 ml
Eau de Toilette 30 ml
Eau de Toilette 50 ml

Deodorant Natural Spray 75 ml    


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