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Naomi Campbell Queen of Gold
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NAOMI CAMPBELL QUEEN OF GOLD – The new fragrance by Naomi



Desirable, glamorous and powerful… like modern day goddesses


CLOSE YOUR EYES …..just one whiff of Queen of Gold  and you’re released from your everyday world, back into times long gone. IMAGINE…. times of goddesses, queens and unimaginable luxury.


This is Naomi’s latest and her most alluring and sumptuous perfume just in time for the upcoming summer.
It’s Naomi’s inspiring gift to women who want to feel desirable, glamorous and powerful like modern day goddesses.
Queen of Gold is unlike anything you have ever tried before.  Reveal the power of your inner queen!  Do you dare?






Naomi's wish, with her latest fragrance, was to create a scent as precious and indulgent as the fragrances worn by the powerful women of royal birth.  Rich and luxurious ingredients, for centuries only available to the chosen few, have been selected by Naomi and blended by the experts in Queen of Gold.  Belonging to the oriental, woody and fruity family of scents, Queen of Gold is simply mesmerizing and exudes, from the sparkling top to the opulent base, a range of voluptuous accords and exotic rich notes.

Top Note: The fragrance opens with sense-tingling top notes of golden juicy pear and exotic, vibrant passion fruit. This exciting blend is enhanced by the elegant blackcurrant cream accord that provokes a smooth, yet addictive sensation.

Heart Note: At its enticing, glowing heart, it’s an exhilarating floral bouquet of precious, sensual red rose petals enriched with stimulating accords of star jasmine rounded off by the majestic golden freesia, symbol of royal femininity.

Base Note: The floral core delicately melts into warm lingering undertones.  Precious signature notes of sandalwood wrapped in the musky sensuality of golden vanilla merge with rich, sensual black chocolate to create a golden aura and an irresistible mesmerising trail... The Queen of Gold bewitches and conquers... again!



THE FLACONpr_range_bottle_box_jpg_dl

With its pure lines, the elegant flacon of Queen of Gold continues the holistic brand of the Naomi Campbell fragrances.  The golden-coloured aura of the tall and sinuous signature bottle recalls the precious metal, for which the fragrance is named.  It complements the scent inside.  Both reveal the golden goddess appeal of Naomi as the reigning queen of glamour. The glass bottle is adorned with a black cap shimmering in gold- a nod to the irresistible and ethereal beauty of Naomi.
The outer packaging doubles up on gold shot thru with a shimmering halo – designed to recall the opulence of a modern day glamour queen and the golden goddesses and queens of bygone times.




Eau de Toilette 15ml
Eau de Toilette 30ml
Eau de Toilette 50ml
Deodorant Spray 75ml



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