Christina Aguilera bemutatja a Christina Aguilera By Night –ot
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ca_by_night_530x290pxInternational recording artist Christina Aguilera introduces a new, seductive scent, Christina Aguilera by Night.

Inspiration for the fragrance juice and packaging stemmed from Aguilera’s favorite color, Red.

“Red is THE color that exudes sensuality and femininity, which is why I chose it for this fragrance,” says Aguilera. “It represents passion and warmth, which makes women look and feel sexy.”

The Fragrance

Christina Aguilera by Night is a seductive fragrance with a hint of playfulness. An Oriental Fruity blend,

the scent marries warmth and intensity for a sensual appeal, with sweetness for femininity.

The Design

Christina Aguilera by Night captures glamour and elegance through its design, color and scent.

Focusing on Christina’s favorite color- red, the fragrance evokes her unique, ultra-feminine style. 


Eau de Parfum- 15ml, 30ml, 50ml

Shower Gel- 200ml

Body Lotion- 200ml

Deodorant Aerosol Spray- 150ml






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