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There are few things in life more covetable than a pair of jeans you truly love. They’re a true reflection of who you really are, and there’s something thrillingly sensual about them: you wear them close-fitting, and they take on your very shape. They exemplify great craftsmanship and the small details that make the difference between the things you like and the things you love.  And more than anything, they say ‘I’m someone who knows what I want and who feels comfortable in my own skin.’ 

This summer, celebrate the modern sensuality at the heart of great denim. Why Original? Because to be original is to be truly yourself...what could be more attractive than that?







How to create two fragrances that encapsulate originality? Answer: it’s all in the detail. Just like the craft of creating great denim, the art of fine fragrance is all about using great scents in new, modern and surprising ways. That’s why in both the REPLAY Jeans Original fragrances, you’ll find classic fragrance notes like rose and freesia for women, bergamot and coriander for men, juxtaposed with fresh and exciting new elements like raspberry and pear for women; spearmint and artemisis for men. The results? Truly original modern classics that combine sensuality and playfulness in perfect measure to create fragrances that offer a fresh aura of confidence, every time you spray.


Despite the mellow warmth of its woody, aromatic base, REPLAY Jeans Original For Him has a decidedly playful side. In the top notes, elegant bergamot and crisp coriander are joined by zesty lemon to add a flirtatious freshness, while at its heart, spicy nutmeg and aromatic artemisis are the perfect foil to a jolt of jaunty spearmint.
In the base notes, sensuality reigns supreme, with elegant ambergris and velvet palissander providing the irresistible backdrop to an intriguing and exotic lime wood accord. Altogether? A true original – just like your own, custom-worn jeans: all the traditional details, but re-invigorated to become just that little bit more individual.


REPLAY Jeans Original For Her is a play of opposites: it’s classic and modern; traditional and innovative; sparkling and warm. But what’s the one thing we know about opposites? They attract, and attraction is the very essence of this beautifully fresh and floral scent.
And since we’re talking about attraction, let’s start at the heart: the notes at the heart of this scent could scarcely owe more to the grand heritage of romantic women’s fragrances if they tried; rose, muguet and freesia, three of the prettiest floral notes and yet also the clearest and most luminescent, giving the fragrance its balance of classic and modern.
In the base, we find warm, inviting cedar wood, sensual musky notes and then – an unexpected pleasure: raspberry, one of the most elegant of fruity scents, traditionally confined to the top notes of a fragrance but here providing a light, playful touch that will last throughout the day.
More fruit at the top of the fragrance – pear and mandarin – give a touch of exotic sparkle, while Basilic Grand Vert gives a green, herbaceous note that’s intriguing and alluring at once. Nothing overpowering, nothing that tries to hard to be ‘sexy’ - just pure, natural sensuality in a bottle – the fragrance equivalent of those perfect REPLAY denims...



Adding to the ‘wardrobe’ of REPLAY scents already available, the REPLAY Jeans Original fragrances continue the packaging design journey begun with last year’s REPLAY Jeans Spirit! The cartons once again take inspiration from the essential details of Replay denim fashion: there is a well-loved, well-worn character to the ‘washed denim’ look of the background, and a stitching effect around the carton that creates a totally authentic denim look and feel. The clever ‘sewn-on’ effect label, featuring Replay’s classic eagle insignia, could have been lifted straight from the pocket of your favourite pair of jeans, and the bright red lettering creates the perfect bold statement. The cartons even come in two new denim ‘colour washes,’ too: for Him, a deep, classic blue wash that looks premium and sophisticated; for her, a lighter, more feminine ‘worn-in’ perfect pale blue.
The bottles are also the perfect play between fine fragrance and denim detail: for her, a sleek, curved glass bottle with soft pink accents, a jeans-style ‘etched-on’ label and REPLAY signature embroidery on the front of the glass. A pink orange cap completes the feminine touch and looks modern and chic against the blue of the carton.
For him, a handsome glass bottle with broader shoulders and the bold REPLAY insignia running up the middle. A bronze cap gives a masculine edge, and both men’s and women’s fragrance have the REPLAY signature bright red lettering: urban and playful all at once.




For her

Eau de Toilette 20 ml

Eau de Toilette 40 ml

Shower Gel 150 ml


For him

Eau de Toilette 30 ml

Eau de Toilette 50 ml

After Shave 50 ml

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