Replay Stone Supernova
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The Supernova phenomenon, which gave its name to the new line, is a very luminous and rare explosion of a star at the last stage of its life.

Replay Supernova celebrates the rarity and splendor of this natural event by means of a new decoration technique that will break the rules of perfumery.

STONE supernova FOR HER


A few drops of Supernova For Her are enough to capture divine sensuality through the pure scent of luminous white flowers. By celebrating narcotic ylang-ylang, sensual rose and radiant gardenia, this creation unites the noblest of flowers with a stunning fruity accord. Opening with a pleasant apple scent mixed with an aquatic accord, the top notes release pure freshness. The base made of creamy sandalwood, soft musk and ambery facets bring warmth and harmony to the perfume.  



Supernova For Him is inspired by a fresh fougere creation and filled with contrasts, combining notes that evoke strength and tenderness, tradition and modernity.The scent first introduces very appealing facets of fruity-citrus notes and lavender accompanied by refreshing aquatic notes.The striking heart note unites the voluptuousness of rose and cashmere wood with a modern oak moss accord giving a powerful masculine scent to the fragrance.The seductive base of tonka bean, cedarwood and creamy sandalwood bring softness and balance to the overall.


Replay Stone Supernova for him Eau de Toilette 50 ml & 30 ml
Replay Stone Supernova for her Eau de Toilette 50 ml & 30 ml

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