Replay Stone
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Innovation and experimentation are perfectly expressed in the two versions of the new bottle: Eau de Toilette For Him & For Her.
REPLAY STONE is inspired by one of the most iconic washing technique for denim fabric: stone washing. This technique, along with the fabric, make each jeans a unique item. Dedicated to charismatic young people, the shape of this new twin fragrance is reminiscent of the pumice stone. The bottle is further enriched with light facets and effects, and ideally represents the continuous research of the Brand and its approach to new materials.  

STONE FOR HER - Fragrance

The fragrance for Her is an Eau de Toilette that opens with a citrus and Mediterranean accord of bergamot, orange, and tangerine. This accord is further sweetened by fruity notes. The heart is the maximum expression of an opulent orchid, which is made even more gentle by combining it with the delicate notes of almond flowers. In the heart, noble woods are merged with amber hints. At the same time, vanilla touches are coupled with musk accords that give persistency to the sensual and embracing contrail..

STONE FOR HIM - Fragrance

The fragrance for Him is an Eau de Toilette that opens with fresh hints of Italian lemon, e

xalted by a spicy accord of elemi, nutmeg, and black pepper. In the heart, leather and masculine hints are combined with spicy accords of cinnamon and cloves. The fragrance closes with a base note made of woods and resins, further enriched with touches of amber and musk, which give persistency to the elegant sillage of this fragrance.


Eau de Toilette for Man EdT 30 ml, 50 ml
Eau de Toilette for Woman EdT 30 ml, 50 ml

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