Replay Relover
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Already an inspiration for numerous brands in different sectors (fashion, design, technology, etc.,) the concept of the gun is now used for the first time in the beauty sector. Its shape is here reinterpreted into a softer representation that yet retains and emphasizes the ironic and sensual allure of this controversial object. Replay Relover is an original shot in perfumery and is targeted at entrepreneurial and audacious consumers.
Sensuality, extensively expressed throug
hout the history of perfume, finds in Replay Relover its maximum expression due to a winning fusion of self-determination with provocativeness.


The fragrance is a mixture of sensuality and strength, a perfect synthesis of sparkling notes, fresh spices, and mysterious aromatic chords. The explosive head note of bergamot, yuzu, and pear is an accord exalted by violet leaves. The heart note bursts forth and forms a pleasant contrast, where an explosion of fresh spices as red pepper and cardamom are counterbalanced by the warmth of cloves and nutmeg. On the base, the aromatic tones of rosemary and lavender, merge with hints of mysterious patchouli, sandalwood, and musk, releasing a magnetic trail.


The distinctive non-conventional bottle is reminiscent of a classic revolver and it reinterprets it in a fashion key: the light blue glass is overlaid with pearly gunmetal blue hand-grips that are embellished with star pattern metal details, a leitmotiv in the packaging. A fundamental component in the range is the 25ml, the Bullet, representing the shot version. The gradient light blue small glass bottle features silver lettering, which also appears on the cap and collar.


Relover for him EdT 25 ml
Relover for him EdT 50 ml
Relover for him EdT 80 ml

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